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Interested in operating a home-based business or planning a fundraiser? You've come to the right place. Here you will find regulations and policies that govern commercial solicitation, which includes home-based businesses, and fundraising activities by private organizations, including family readiness groups.

Home Based Business or Commercial Solicitaion

If you would like to operate as a private vendor on post, review the policy and complete an application, then call +1 (706) 545-4847 to schedule an appointment with your MWR representative.

Start by submitting an application to operate a home based business, which is a Commercial Solicitation permit. Please review this statement regarding prohibited practices.

If your application is approved, you will be issued a solicitation ID card.

Please remember, AAFES has primacy for retail sales on the installation; home based businesses are the only exception. Therefore, approved home based businesses must be operated in home. Community centers cannot be used to sell retail merchandise for profit. This falls outside the scope of a home based business and is not authorized.

Private organizations and fundraising

For information on private organization on post, click here.

For information on fundraising, click here, and use this form to request permission to host a fund raising event.

To request an Family Readiness Group Fundraising Activity, click here.