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MWR Bingo

MWR Bingo is open to all military personnel, retirees, family members, sponsored guests and DoD civilians 18 years and older. Regular Bingo packets start at $9. First time players receive one free add-on bingo packet. Electronic bingo tablets are half off on Fridays. Perfect for beginners!

Programs and Games

1.     Pre-Session Lightning Bingo 

  • Wednesday - Friday: 4 - 5:30 p.m. | Saturday & Sunday 12 - 1:30 p.m.
  • Lightning Bingo session will be available on electronics ONLY
  • Player will bid or buy-in to each game at 50 cents per card
  • Game pattern will be single line bingo
  • All games last about 60 seconds
  • All payouts for each game, will be sent to player’s account automatically
  • Payout is based on players buy-in
  • Games will continue for a total hour duration
  • Last game winner takes all (Must play at least 3 games prior to last game to participate in winner takes all)

2.     Sponsor Appreciation

Valid for I.D. Cardholders (active duty, retired, or DOD civilians employees) who sponsor guests.

*Sign-in Register must be filled out correctly

Sponsor signs the top block, guests of sponsor signs under their name

Guests must make purchase at register where they were signed in at

  • Sponsor will receive a free pack
  • Sponsor can only sponsor up to 5 guests
  • If any guest of sponsor is the daily draw winner, guest receives $25 and sponsor will receive $50. If sponsor is the daily draw winner, sponsor will receive $100. Verification will be determined based on the guest sign-in register.

3.     Floor Sales- Games sold on the floor can be purchased with cash or credit card. STARTING NOW!!!!!

4.     Game 4 Large Picture Frame- Wild number is determined by current date. Ex. Feb 13th, wild number is 13, odd #’s.

5.     Game 13 G-Ball Jackpot

  • Game will be played on a single 3on sheet (Brown), price is $5.00
  • Consolation is $500 w/ No cap on Progressive Jackpot

6.     Game 14 U-Pik-Em

  • Bingo in 20#’s of less, payout $1000
  • Bingo in 21-26#’s, payout $500
  • Bingo in 27#’s or more, payout is $300

7.     Good Neighbor Wednesdays- Valid on pack games ONLY

  • Any player that bingos on a pack game, neighbor to the immediate right or left of that player will receive $5 each

8.     Spin the Wheel Saturdays- 1st and 3rd Saturdays Only

  • All wheel amounts will range from $300- $500 on all slots
MWR Bingo Rules
  1. Must be 18 years or older to play and to enter the Bingo facility during business hours.
  2. Any guests entering the building before or during MWR Bingo hours of operation and their purpose is nonrelated to participating in session play, must sign-in at the table.
  3. Non-DOD ID card holders must be sponsored by a DOD ID card holder in order to be authorized to participate in MWR Bingo. A valid ID is required to enter a new player’s information.
  4. All customers must have a VIP Players Club Card in order to play Bingo. Cards must be present at the time of purchase. Lost, stolen, or forgotten cards will be replaced for $5.00. No exceptions.
  5. All paper cards must be daubed to be valid. Use of ink pens, pencils or anything other than a bingo dauber will not be verified.
  6. All major credit cards and cash are the ONLY acceptable forms of payment for bingo games purchased.  Credit cards presented for payment must match the name of the person making the purchase. Checks are not accepted. No exceptions.
  7. VIP card holders must use their own card for purchases and points. VIP points must be redeemed on your first transaction only. Misuse of VIP Players Club Cards is not allowed. The maximum pts allowed to be redeemed in a day is 1000 pts.
  8. A minimum regular admission pack must be purchased in order to play Bingo during Regular sessions and Super Bingo sessions. No sharing of packs or sheets is allowed.
  9. Profane or abusive language towards employees or other players, any form of harassment, or disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Failure to comply can result in dismissal from game and facility grounds at management’s discretion. No refund will be given.
  10. Cell phone use during bingo sessions are not allowed. Cell phones must be silenced or on vibrate to prevent disturbing other players. If a call must be answered, players must step out of the bingo session to complete the call.
  11. Seating during bingo sessions are first come, first served basis. Reserving seats is prohibited. Exceptions apply to Handicap personnel only being assisted by other individuals.
  12. Smoking, vaping or chewing tobacco is prohibited in the facility or within 50 feet of the building. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area.
  13. No alcohol consumption is allowed on facility premises. Coolers and other large containers are not allowed.
  14. All players must comply with the dress code policy outlined in post regulation, MCoE Reg 210-5 Failure to comply will result in dismissal by management.
  15. Receipt purchases made with a credit card must be signed and given to the cashier once the transaction is complete. Lost receipts must be regenerated prior to claiming winnings. All players must retain their purchase receipt for collection of awards/winnings purposes. Please ensure that your name is on your receipt.
  16. Any winnings over $1199 will be awarded in the form of a check. Players must present a valid ID and social security card upon completing a Check Request Form. No exceptions.
  17. Purchase of Electronic Machines are limited to 2 per person; except for select special programs, the limit is 1 per person. In order to purchase jackpots, special games or to receive a free pack on the electronic machine, a regular admission pack is required.
  18. Verification of a player’s transaction and games must be done prior to the closeout of the transaction and before leaving the register. Please be sure to review your receipt before you leave. Missing cards or games will not be replaced once a player has left the register. All cards purchased, MUST be played the same day purchased. Cards not played will not be refunded or allowed to be played on a future date. No exceptions.
  19. Paper cards or electronic machines will not be exchanged after purchase unless cards or machines are defective. If defective, please see management only.
  20. Purchase of Electronic Machines will be designated by the cashier only. Requests for specific machines is not allowed.
  21. Electronic Machines must be touched for the numbers to dab. Players must keep the volume on electronic machines at a minimum so as to not distract other players. Players can only purchase a maximum of $100 in credits. Once credits have been used, additional credits can be purchased but cannot exceed $100 at a time. No exceptions.
  22. Games purchased on electronic machines, must be played by the customer who purchased the machine only. If a customer decides to leave, electronic machines must be returned and no refund will be given for games not played.
  23. Electronic machines may not leave the building. Players must play their games inside the bingo hall and may not take the electronic machines outside for any reason. Failure to comply will result in dismissal and no refund will be given.
  24. Once bingo session games have begun, it is the player’s responsibility to call “BINGO” loud enough for the caller to hear and raise their hand. Players must bingo on the last number called for the bingo to be valid. Once bingo is called, the game will be stopped in order to confirm bingo by the caller. Once the caller announces “Game is Closed”, no other winners will be accepted.
  25. Prizes will be divided equally between multiple winners.
  26. SLEEPERS or MISSED BINGOS will not be honored at any point during bingo sessions or on any games except Early Birds and Warm Ups. Customers that choose to not play on the main floor, will be responsible for moving to the main floor and calling their bingo loud enough for the caller to hear. 
  27. If the caller makes a mistake during session, the caller will make an announcement to all players and proceed with correcting the mistake thereafter.
  28. Receipt “Drop Offs” at the register are not allowed for credits or upsells. No exceptions. Players must wait in line for the next available cashier.
  29. Changes to U-Pick-Em cards and damaged cards must be brought to the table for approval by the payout person, a supervisor or manager.
  30. Players are allowed to redeem Flag or Loaded Coupons the next day or within 7 days of the date given. After 7 days, the coupon will not be accepted. Coupons won on the Friday before Super Bingo, are the only coupons that will be authorized for redemption on Super Bingo. No other redemptions are valid. If redeeming Flag or Loaded Coupons, Regular Admission Packs are still required in order to play during session. No exceptions.
  31. Director of FMWR, Chief BRD, Business Operations Officer, Bingo Manager, or Bingo employees, their family members/relatives are not allowed to participate in the bingo program or accept prizes.
  32. Handicap personnel are allowed one person to assist to dab their cards.
  33. All issues and concerns before, during and after bingo sessions must be brought to management’s attention and resolved by direction of management. In the event of power or equipment failure or an act of nature beyond control, Bingo will be canceled at management’s discretion.

Don't forget to yell BINGO!

Regular Bingo Sessions

Guests must be 18 years or older to play. A Regular Admission Pack for $9 must be purchased in order to play. All Guests must have a VIP Players Club Card in order to play. First time? Don’t worry. After initial purchase, a VIP card will be issued to you at no additional cost. Cards lost will have a $5 cost associated with your purchase to replace it. Players who have forgotten their cards, will be issued a new one and charged $5. First-time players will receive a free Regular Admission Pack with initial purchase. Offer is not valid on Super Bingo Sessions. Already a VIP Players Club Member? Bring a first-time guest, you and your guest will receive a Free Regular Admission Pack with your purchase on paper or on an electronic machine. Not into the playing with the traditional paper cards, well try your luck at our Electronic Machines. We have a wide range of Electronic Machine packs to choose from, ranging from $24 to $115.

Bingo Programs

New Regular Game Pattern July_2021_Page_1.jpgNew Regular Game Pattern July_2021_Page_2 copy.jpg

benning_New Program 2021-1.jpgbenning_New Program 2021-2.jpgbenning_FY23 NEW PRICE LIST.jpg

Super Bingo Sessions

Join us on the first Saturday of every month to play in the largest bingo of the month!  Doors open at 10 a.m., lightning session begins at 11 a.m. and regular-admission games begin at 1:30 pm. A minimum purchase of a Regular Admission Pack of $18 is required in order to play, and all players receive a free quickie with initial buy-in. Regular Admission Packs include 8 games of 6 cards per sheet. Additional specialty cards can be purchased on the floor for cash only. Not into the traditional paper cards? Well, try your luck at our electronic machines! We have a wide range of electronic machine packs to choose from, ranging from $54 to $250. Players will also receive a free ticket to enjoy a free buffet starting at 12 p.m. Plus, as long as you are a VIP Player Club Member, you will automatically be entered into the drawing to receive door prizes.

Super Bingo Programs

New Super Program 22-1.jpg

Daily Bingo

Wanna play? Wanna Win? You gotta spend to win! Play traditional bingo at the MWR Bingo Hall and try your luck at winning up to $1000 cash. 

Spend more, win more! Try our electronic 24# games on the Champ-E tablets and Quickshot paper games playing daily at the Mall Bowling Center and the Fort Benning Bowling & Entertainment Center. B-I-N-G-O and win cash at our 3 MWR Locations!

Friday Bingo Session




Purchase a Regular Admission Pack for $9, receive a free Birthday Pack. Birthday packs must be used the day before your birthday, day of or the day after. No exceptions.

Weekly Promotions

Join us on Thursdays to receive a free Regular Admission Pack of 8 games and join us on Half Off Fridays to receive half off on your Electronic Machine game packs.

  • MWR Bingo
  • Weekday sessions begin at 5:30 p.m.; Weekend sessions begin at 1:30 p.m.; Lightning Bingo precedes each session. Doors open at 10 a.m. for Super Bingo on the first Saturday of the month, sessions begin at 1:30 p.m.
  • Hours:

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