Hunting & Fishing

ATTENTION:  The CG approved the re-opening of hunting and fishing on post starting this Friday (1 May). Hunting and fishing are only authorized for active duty Soldiers, their family members, GS employees and retirees. The trusted traveler and guest programs are still closed at this time.  Hunters and anglers will sign in and out using the normal iSportman procedures.

You are expected to apply social distancing rules and mitigation techniques.  No groups larger than 6 people. Boat size will dictate the group size, however, you are strongly encouraged to have only two people in the boat (fish 6' apart). Masks are required if you cannot maintain that 6' distance.

There are many instances daily of folks not adhering to GO#1. Please let's all do the right things in order to stay off the radar and ensure we keep hunting and fishing open from here forward. There is a possibility that COVID could re-emerge in the fall and we want to show the CG and the senior leaders that hunting and fishing are very safe activists and the Fort Benning hunters and anglers can be trusted to follow the rules at all times.

Please remember the rules that govern weapon transportation in MCOE 190-11.  You are authorized to conduct essential activities as defined in GO#1 before or after you hunt, however, you are not authorized to violate 190-11 to do so.

Please also remember that turkey hunting runs through 15 May and no hog hunting is allowed until turkey season is over.

Personnel authorized to hunt and fish on Fort Benning and who possess a valid state license must purchase hunting and fishing permits. Post permits for Hunting and Fishing can be validated at the Recreational Shooting Complex during regular business hours. The RSC is open Wednesday - Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 9am-7pm, and Sunday 10am-6 pm.  Permits are valid for one year from date of purchase. For more information abou hunting and fishing on Fort Benning, call the Conservation Branch at +1 (706) 544-7516.

Who is authorized to hunt or fish on Fort Benning?
  • U.S. Military Active Duty and Retired personnel
  • Veterans with a service connected disability of not less than 30 percent
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Current or retired full-time Department of Defense civilian employees
  • Federal civilian employees working full-time or equivalent status on Fort Benning and retired federal civilian employees who were employed at Fort Benning immediately prior to retirement
  • National Guardsmen and Reservists on active status
Open Areas

Please call Outdoor Recreation at 706-545-7978 for more information about open areas.