Patton Recreation Area

Patton Recreation Area

Golf Course - 7471 Baltzell Avenue Bldg 390 Fort Benning 31905 Google Map

Fort Benning MWR is continuously expanding facilities to fulfill the needs of the community, and the Patton Recreation Area is one of the newest additions. The newly constructed Patton Recreation Area, located off Baltzell Avenue and 1st Division Road, offers an 18-hole Disc Golf course, an 18-hole Foot Golf course and various fitness trails for running and biking!  

While both the Disc Golf and Foot Golf courses begin at the Golf Pro Shop, patrons can also access Patton Recreation Area from the Follow Me Fitness Trail parking area. For a quicker way to travel during your game, consider renting a golf cart at the Golf Pro Shop to get you from hole to hole. The Disc and Foot Golf courses are free to play, no need to pay! If you’re in need of equipment, stop by the Golf Pro Shop to rent a soccer ball, kick ball or playing discs. Soccer balls and kick balls can also be rented from Outdoor Recreation, located at 7310 Gillespie Street. Although equipment rentals are only
available during business hours, you can use your own equipment on the courses any time between sunrise and sunset.  

Looking for access to new trails? The paved, newly marked, fitness trails range from an eighth of a mile to nearly 2 ½ miles and offer wooded scenery, hills and a route around Armory Pond. Fitness trails can additionally be accessed from 1st Division Road and are primarily used for running, biking and walking.  Click here for the map.

Another exciting new feature is Armory Pond! Armory Pond is located on the backside of the courses, accessible from Baltzell Avenue and 1st Division Road and is now open for fishing! Fort Benning fishing regulations apply. More information regarding fishing regulations can be found by calling Outdoor Recreation at 706-545-7978 or the Conservation Branch at 706-544-7516.

Plans for Patton Recreation Area will continue to expand as adding park benches, picnic tables and pavilions are in the works for the future. Keep an eye out for rotating tournaments for Disc and Foot Golf and consider the opportunities of utilizing Patton Recreation Area for regular morning PT sessions. Swing by the new Patton Recreation Area to pick up a round of disc golf or to explore the newly marked running trails!

For more information on the evolving plans of Patton Recreation Area, please contact Outdoor Recreation at 706-545-7978.