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Topgolf Swing Suite

The Main Post Recreation Center is conveniently located on Sightseeing Road., within walking distance of Airborne School, 75th Ranger Regiment and Task Force 1-28. We offer a computer lab with 20 computers, a movie room, two game rooms, pool tables and a snack bar. 

We also offer Topgolf Swing Suite! The Topgolf Swing Suite features 2 simulator bays and a variety of virtual games – including the popular Topgolf target game, Zombie Dodgeball, Hockey Shots, Baseball Pitching Carnival Classic and more – paired with comfortable lounge seating, HDTVs and snack bar service.

Half Hour $25
1 Hour $45
1 and Half Hour $60
2 Hours $90

Maximum of eight people per Top Golf Simulator.

Games we offer:



Modes: Beginner and Advanced

Take aim at the variety of giant colorful targets in this game of precision and control. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, earn double points galore for shots made in targets further out on the field.


benning.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

Golf meets darts in this strategic game of accuracy. Rack up points and climb through the levels as you make shots in every section of either the Yellow or Green target.


benning_TOPCHALLENGE.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

Simply put: hit your ball as close to the hole as you possibly can. Miss the green or land in the water, and your score will pay the price.


benning_JewelJam.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

In our take on the classic match-three puzzle game, rack up points by matching three or more gems of the same color in a row or column. A little precision and a lot of luck could start a chain reaction that sends you to the top of the leaderboard.


benning_Baseball Pitching.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

Take the mound against a team of sluggers looking to destroy your every pitch. Just don’t let them take you deep because it’s the bottom of the 9th and the game is on the line.


benning_Zombie Dodgeball.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

A herd of zombie farmers is coming out of the woodwork to ruin your visit to the barn. Defend your ground by hitting them with dodgeballs until time runs out. If more than one zombie reaches the fence, you’re in big trouble. In the advanced mode, fend off a mob of zombie clowns.


benning_Carnival.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

Pop as many balloons as you can in this fast-paced game of precision. The smaller the balloon, the more points it’s worth. Put up a lot of points, and you’ll be heading to the bonus round, where you can dunk a clown. In advanced mode, break as many plates as you can in this fast-paced game of timing and accuracy.


benning_hockey.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

No need to lace up your skates in this ice rink. Grab a hockey stick and puck then take aim at various targets in the net. You get 8 shots, so make them count! In advanced mode, you get 10 shots at smaller targets in more difficult net locations.


benning_Quarterback Challenge.jpgModes: Beginner and Advanced

Drive down the field against a tough defense looking to stop you from scoring a game-winning touchdown. Your wide receivers are counting on you being a very accurate quarterback. Not that there wasn’t enough pressure already.


benning_Soccer.jpgModes: Beginner

The goal is simple: You get 5 kicks to get the ball past the All-Star keeper and find the back of the net.

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